What is Storypile?

Crowd-sourced storytelling

Storypile is a unique spin on an old concept called “Exquisite Corpse” (also known as exquisite cadaver) in which words or images are collectively assembled by a number of participants. The concept was created by Surrealists in the 1920′s and went on to spin off an old parlour game called Consequences.

In Consequences, a phrase or word is written on a piece of paper, then folded and passed to the next player. The current writer is unaware of the previous words, taking the story in strange directions.

Storypile has taken the concept and given it a 21st century twist. Instead of preventing users from seeing previous sections, Storpypile allows each writer to view the entire developing story. Users can write their own section and share the story with their friends via social networking sites, such like Facebook and Twitter. Their friends can then write a section and the story will evolve in new and exciting ways.

We think our method allows a richer story telling experience, involving endless creativity through the use of online collaboration.


- To begin a story, click on “Start your own story“. Then enter the first section and give the story a title. You can choose the amount of sections for the story and how many words should go in each section. You can also give the story some rules such as “the story must have a happy ending” or “the story must introduce a new character in each section”.
- To continue a current story, click on “Developing stories“. Then enter a new section. A progress bar tells you how much of the story has been written.
- To view all finished stories, click on “Finished stories“.


- We will not tolerate abuse, vulgar language, racist language, or anything that is likely to cause offence to others
- We will not tolerate usernames that contain vulgar language, abusive language or language that is likely to cause offence to others
- We will not tolerate any form of advertising or promotion within stories or usernames
- We will not tolerate trolling or flaming others
- Writing must be unique and original. Copyright material will be removed
- We reserve the right to remove any content that we do not deem suitable
- Any writing, usernames or users violating any of the above rules will removed and may result in you and/or your IP address being banned permanently
- See our Terms of Use page for further details

About the founders

Bryan Hunter is an internet entrepreneur based in London, UK. He came up with the idea for Storypile while reading a book about user generated content on a sunny beach in the Black Sea. With the coding expertise of his business partner Jake, the site was developed and launched in January 2012.

Jake Broughton is a freelance web developer, web designer, and graphic designer, with an enthusiasm for new and exciting ideas. Find his online identity and portfolio at vertaxe.com.

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